Spring Cleaning Special

It’s time for Spring Cleaning! Or in our business, our Spring Cleaning Sale!

In our industry, spring is the slowest time of year. It gives us a chance to slow down and smell the roses. Or daffodils. Or whatever the spring winds blow our way.

Our Spring Cleaning Sale means you get the benefit of lower prices as we are not as busy!


Need a good cleaning and maintenance of your system?  

Book and complete your service by March 1 2024, and save 25% off routine furnace service pricing.  And if you have any other equipment to service, save an additional 10%, including Air Conditioners and Filters!

Now is the time to get the bugs out. Or the leaves or even the cobwebs.  ☺️  Before you need it again!

Remember - most equipment warranties require regular maintenance, so don't let it slide!

Can't make it work before March 1st? Book and complete your appointment before March 31st, 2024, and receive 15% off furnace servicing and 10% off all other services, including filters..

Call now 604-882-9224 before summer is here and we’re busy with our cooling demands!  Or use our contact form here!

Looking for a deal on a new furnace, boiler, hot water heater, heat pump or air conditioner? We can offer you discounts of up to $1,775 on new installed equipment plus qualify for energy rebates of up to $11,000!  (Rebates are changing so ask us for updated information)

Please check out our new guide The Ultimate Guide To Buying A New Furnace For Your Home or The Ultimate Ductless Mini-Split System Buying Guide  Ask about government and manufacturer rebates and 0% loans on heat pumps!

Just call us today at 604-882-9224 or use our contact form here and we’ll see how we can help.

Please Note:

The Spring Cleaning Special does not apply to new equipment installations or repairs. Other offers for new installations do exist, so please ask for details. 

* We reserve the right to extend the sale if required.

* We also reserve the right to reschedule appointments due to emergencies (don't worry though - you'll still get your sale price!).

* This special only applies to new service requests and filters.

* Limited spaces are available - please book ASAP!  

Some quick tips for maintaining your home heating and cooling systems

  1.  Change filters on a regular basis
    • Dust is your enemy!  Ensure dust does not reduce the airflow or reduce the life of your motor/electronic board.  Some filters should be changed every 4-6 weeks and others can go as long as a year. Do you know which filters you have or need?
  2. Clean your air/water filtration systems
    • Remove your filter components and check to ensure they are clean.
    • Read the cleaning instructions left by your qualified installer to ensure what and how to clean the components.
    • Be sure to shut off the power and turn it back on again when you’re done!
  3. Keep equipment free and clear of clutter
    • Ensure the any equipment inside or outside of the home has room to breath.  Like a circulatory system, when things get in the way, the breathing becomes difficult.
    • Clean moss, leaves, or dust off heat pumps or outdoor condensers without damaging the coils or aluminum fins.
    • Keep air vents and baseboard heaters clear of clutter or anything blocking the free flow of air energy.
  4. Schedule regular service
    • Regular servicing of equipment ensures your warranty is maintained, equipment failures are caught, and the system is operating at peak efficiency before you need it.
    • Consider it a regular checkup for a very expensive piece of household equipment, at the heart of your home.
  5. Ask for advice
    • Don’t hesitate to call a qualified HVAC company as the good ones will take the time to help you over the phone.
    • Take the time to discuss your concerns with a technician when they service your equipment.
    • Good companies are happy to share their advice and provide safety and operating tips for the best performance.

Regardless if you do some of it yourself, or you have our professionals do the complete job with our Spring Cleaning Sale, just don’t forget to pay some deserved TLC to your equipment soon!

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