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I'm writing this a year after our AC install and switch from hot water tank to tankless. I wanted to give some time to gauge the quality of the work and see if Dan's consultations held up and I'm happy to report they did.First off, we had no less than 5 or 6 HVAC companies either ghost us or completely dismiss our questions and concerns. Dan was the exact opposite. He spent over an hour examining the air flow in the house, answering my questions about A/C vs heat pumps and broke down for us about all the things to consider including the rebates involved, year to year expectations on the cost of A/C vs. HP, future proofing and effects on resale value. Dan also had no agenda. 2 companies tried heavily to push us to not install heat pumps (1 it turned out didn't even offer the service) but Dan gave us all the options and presented us with strong reasoning on what he thought were the best ones with nothing being off the table.The install was incredibly smooth. It was in the midst of the heat wave last summer (we were lucky and had ordered all the parts 2 months before) and Dan and co. were perfectly on time and did the work on schedule despite having to deal with hundreds of other desperate customers calling their phone lines. The install took a day for both A/C and the tank and there were zero issues. In the time since the install we've had no issues and no reason to call them back or anything that would require warranty. The tankless that was recommended was perfect for our house. We're looking forward to using the A/C again this summer.The price was reasonable compared to what you get from any other HVAC company but they were hands down the best in quality, expertise, trust and accountability from the companies I looked at. For those reasons I highly recommend Airco. Spend your thousands with this team and avoid the others.

Jatinder S. Avatar
Jatinder S.

From the initial estimate, we knew Airco was the way to go. William was detailed and knowledgeable, pointing out areas of concern and advising us of issues to be addressed. He was more than a salesman trying to win our business. He helped us make an informed decision. We talked to a competitor as well, and the salesman barely glanced at our furnace, simply assuring us it could be done for the quoted price. We opted for Airco. When the heat pump was installed, we followed William’s advice and had a new return air duct installed in the basement. What a difference it has made! That simple change has equalized the temperature throughout our house and was a great payoff for such a small price. Before he left, William took his time illustrating the new system and answering our questions. We could not be happier with Airco! The quality of the equipment is top notch, the installation went smoothly, and the people are friendly and professional. Thanks so much to Airco and William!

Kim C. Avatar
Kim C.

We met with Dan from Airco to discuss options for air conditioning our home. He was very knowledgeable and gave us a lot of information in order to determine which option was best for us. We decided to go with a Heat Pump, which also involved updating our furnace. Because of its age we decided to replace our hot water heater at the same time. William our installer was the best! He was very knowledgeable, thorough, and answered any questions or concerns we had. There was a lot of work involved but he ensured that it went quickly and with as little disruption as possible. He obviously took pride in his work insuring the job was done properly. Our new system has been up and running for a month now. It is quieter, more efficient, and we are very happy with our decision to go with Airco for this work. We would certainly use them again in the future and highly recommend them.Jerry and Shawn

Shawn I. Avatar
Shawn I.

Being a new mum, you all of a sudden become very aware of who is coming into your home. I just had one of the technicians leave here and I couldn’t have felt more at ease. He explained everything to me very clearly, was kind and speedy. I really appreciated his hard work and patience as this sleep deprived mother asked, more than once, to repeat what he had just said. Thank you for excellent service.

Ashlee M. Avatar
Ashlee M.

We couldn't be happier for the amazing service Airco has provided us. From the moment we called regarding a new furnace and heat pump installation, they were courteous, organized, knowledgeable, affordable, punctual and proficient. They took the extra time to make sure we knew how to use our new heating/cooling system and did not rush us through any questions that we had. We highly recommend this company. Very satisfied customers here!.

Kim H. Avatar
Kim H.

Airco replaced our hot water tank and broken furnace, fixed our fireplace and installed an air conditioning unit in our house and we had a great experience with them. Dan, Jeanne and Matthew were very professional, friendly and had all of the work done very quickly. I would highly recommend them to anybody!

Charles A. Avatar
Charles A.

Amazing people/company to work with! They were very responsive and communication was clear! They made sure they provided exceptional service and top notch quality in their work. I definitely recommend them for all your Heating and Cooling needs!

Jason P. Avatar
Jason P.

We got three quotes on a replacement system for our furnace/AC that were on their last legs, with a priority on wanting to access government incentives for switching to a heat pump. We went with Airco (and a Daikin system) because at the consulting and quote stage Dan was very thorough and explained in detail the options, including answering some questions that the other companies couldn't. His thoroughness inspired confidence, and I wasn't disappointed when the installers made time for us (in the middle of record snowfall between Christmas and New Years Eve, I might add) and completed the removal and install in two days. I feel very good about choosing Airco, and would recommend them highly.

Dylan J. Avatar
Dylan J.

Said they'd be there in 3 days then came the same day I called! Excellent service, courteous staff and no mess left, I definitely recommend Airco.

Jeremy F. Avatar
Jeremy F.

Saved the expense of replacing the whole used furnace by going with Airco as others simply wanted to install new furnace. They had the needed parts and responded quickly and were informative and professional. Saved me $4000. Very pleased.

Brad W. Avatar
Brad W.

Absolutely awesome from the moment of my first contact. Their website is so informative and user friendly. Dayna, the office manager is friendly, polite, and helpful. Dan was so helpful assisting me to decide on the best system for my home. In fact, I had assumed, from the research I did, that I would have to spend so much more. Dan explained everything in a way that made good sense and I was pleasantly surprised when he explained that what I needed would cost thousands less. The two men who came to install the system were incredibly professional and adept at completing the work. In spite of having to work in frigid, snowy weather, they were meticulously careful to ensure the final project looked beautiful and the house and yard left clean. I was amazed that they could work outside in that weather and maintain such a friendly polite demeanour. They were exceptional workers who completed exceptional work. I highly recommend Airco. Don't be fooled by other companies who claim to provide the service for less, because I know of other companies that will charge a little less, but convince you that you need so much more. I am currently enjoying the heat pump unit they installed. Thank you Airco.

Leslie S. Avatar
Leslie S.

I was having an issue with my furnace and called Airco. Jeanne and Mathew came to have a look on Tuesday afternoon and determined that the heat exchanger was shot. We decided that the unit was not worth fixing and replacing was the best option.I explained that I was going out of town in 3 days and really needed to get the unit fixed in a hurry, so I would feel comfortable leaving the house empty for an extended period of time. This was at about 3pm and by 5pm AIrco had sourced a unit and moved something around so they could be at my place at 8 am the next day.Airco were responsive and accommodating from the time I called the office to the follow up the next day to ensure I was happy with my new unit. You don't need to make two calls, just call these people.

Les H. Avatar
Les H.

We had Airco replace our old, mid-efficiency furnace with a High Efficiency Furnace and Heat Pump. Previously they helped us with our water heater, going the extra mile to get warranty parts from Home Depot (the supplier of the unit). For the new furnace/heat pump system Dan and Dayna handled the quote and all our inquiries in a timely and informative manner. Then Will and John did an awesome job on the installation, overcoming some obstacles in our old home, getting heat restored and the job finished on time as promised. They were very professional and Will stayed around on the last evening to make sure we knew how to run the unit and discuss options for optimization. As Dan predicted, the Heat Pump system provides a more even, comfortable heat throughout the house, and we can hardly wait for next summer's heat wave! All in all, we are very impressed with the Company, the system and the service and highly recommend this team!

Adam C. Avatar
Adam C.

My wife and I were very happy with the service we got from Airco Heating and Cooling. They are completely professional and customer-focused in everything they do and I cannot recommend them highly enough.We recently replaced both a heating system and an AC system. Dan was happy to come and speak to us and answer all our questions (and we had a lot of questions!) and we never felt rushed or pressured in any way. He gave us all our options and recommended the system that was best for us without trying to upsell us to a something that we did not need. We co-ordinated with Dana in the office and she was nothing but professional and a pleasure to deal with.Our heating system replacement was a little complicated as we were taking out two old furnaces and replacing them with one furnace. This meant that there was some complicated ductwork that needed to be done. I'm happy to say that the installer, William, was more than equal to the task and designed and built a very elegant duct solution right on the spot! Similarly, our AC installation was not exactly straighforward due to the distance between our condenser unit and our evaporator coil but William made the necessary adjustments so that the system could work properly and efficiently. I have to say that William is an incredibly fastidious installer and will not leave a job unless he is completely happy that it is up to his standards. He is also very experienced and exceptionally knowledgeable about all aspects of heating and cooling and was happy to answer our questions.Once again, I highly recommend Airco Heating and Cooling, both for the quality of their work and the professionalism of their staff.

John H. Avatar
John H.

I am very happy with the service I received from Airco Heating. My furnace was had issues and they were able to come check out the issue and explain in detail what is wrong. They gave us options on what to do about the issue and gave us detailed quote on the options. I had our furnace replaced and the area was cleaned up nicely after the work was complete. Not only am I happy withe the work done, I am also very pleased with the communication. They were very friendly and helpful all the way through. I would highly recommend Airco Heating for sure.

Lena K. Avatar
Lena K.

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