What is the Daikin Fit?

The Daikin Fit is an air conditioning or heat pump unit that constantly monitors the air temperature, inside your and outside your home. It’s a powerful unit that consistently keeps your home at your desired temperature.

Say “No!” to big noisy boxes in your yard!

What makes the Daikin Fit loved by so many is the compact nature of the unit. Unlike traditional units that are boxy and big causing you to compromise on efficiency just so the unit will operate in your home. The Daikin Fit’s compact design allows it to be installed in any household and provides great efficiency, all while being extremely quiet.

How is the Daikin Fit different from traditional units?

Most traditional air conditioning or heat pump systems are designed to bring the house back to the regulated set point and then the system will turn off. The temperature will change, and then the system will turn back on.

The Daikin Fit is different because it constantly monitors the outside temperature and adjusts the temperature of the home so that it stays at what you set it at. Imagine that the lights in your home are on because the sun isn’t out. As the sun begins to rise, you wouldn’t just turn the lights off because then you wouldn’t be able to see clearly. You’d adjust the lights and begin to dim them as it gets brighter and brighter outside. Vice versa when the sun begins to set you start to turn up your lights little by little. That way in both cases the same amount of brightness is always in your home. This in principle is how the Daikin Fit air conditioning works as well.

This is wonderful because you’re not having these dips in the temperature of your home, the Daikin Fit optimizes efficiency, and it’s a beautifully quiet machine that stays quiet as it works throughout the day.

What makes the Daikin Fit the right choice for me?

This system is the right choice for anyone who is looking for an air conditioning system that:

  • Is quiet when operating.
  • Takes little space outside of the home and has a minimalistic look.
  • Will regulate your home keeping it at a consistent, comfortable temperature.

If you said yes to these factors, then the Dakin Fit is perfect for you.

Technical info for the engineer types:

  • Variable Speed DC Fan. – High efficiency and low sound levels.
  • Blue Fin Corrosion Coating. – 1,000 hours salt spray rated as standard. Hydrophilic coating to help keep the coil clean.
  • 7mm Coil. – High heat exchanger efficiency and compact casing design.
  • Inverter Board Cooled by Refrigerant Circuit. – Elimination of condenser fan pressure drop caused by heat sink used on previous generations.
  • New Swing Compressor. - High efficiency. Low sound levels.

The Daikin Fit system is also compatible with these other units to enhance your overall HVAC experience:

  • Daikin All Aluminum Coils
  • AFUE communicating gas furnaces
  • Multi-Position air handlers
  • Daikin One premium Air Cleaner
  • Daikin One+ Thermostat

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