Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump Systems


What is a ductless mini split system?

Daikin Fit SystemMini-split systems provide heating and cooling in areas with unique situations.

They are a great equipment choice for home additions, strata/condo units, or selective area heating and cooling, such as one floor or wing of a home.

  • The advantages of a mini-split system over other types of cooling / heating equipment are:
  • It can provide heating and cooling in homes that do not have air ducts.
  • It provides independent temperature control for that area.
  • It allows for the addition of air conditioning and heating in homes without ductwork, and with the least amount of disruption to the interior space.

Mini-split systems are made up of two primary parts, the outside part called a “condenser” (for cooling-only models) or “heat pump” (for heating and cooling models), and the inside part that mounts on an outside wall, ceiling or floor called an “air handler” or “indoor unit”.BC Hydro Rebate on Ductless Mini-Split

Some units have secondary back-up electric heat which gives them greater heating capabilities. The home temperature is set and changed by convenient remote control(s).

Mini-split systems are available to operate with one, two or more indoor air handlers, depending on the model. Each air handler is referred to as a “zone”. The systems here come with condenser or heat pump, air handler(s), and remote control(s). Select a system by size (heating and cooling capacity, rated in “BTUs”). The heat pump and air handler are connected together with copper pipes called a “line set”.

With so many brands on the market, which ones do you choose?

The answer depends on your application, budget, and feature preferences.  Let us help you navigate the options by providing you with a recommendation based on a careful review and discussion with you.

You can trust that Airco Heating and Cooling Ltd. provides the best in detailed and thoughtful air conditioning service and repair work to all members of our communities. Contact us today!  Or Call 604-882-9224

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We are here to meet your residential air conditioning needs within the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. We service and repair all makes and models of ductless mini-split heat pump systems such a Fujitsu, LG, Carrier, Mitsubuishi, Samsung, York, Gree, Lennox, Kool King, and others.  We are an Elite Dealer for Fujitsu and Daikin and they are our brands of choice because of their quality, warranty, applications and commitment to their product.

Our technicians are trained professionals who will diagnose and recommend a solution to any issue. They are highly-skilled at what they do, providing you with ease-of-mind while your work is being completed. While repairs are usually unexpected, we will present you with options based on your specific situation. Looking for air conditioner repair costs?  Our costs are based on industry standards using top-quality materials and professional tradespeople. We will quote you a simple price for both time and materials included so there is no guessing or clock-watching.

Maybe you need Ductless mini service and maintenance.  When it comes to maintenance, we believe “A stitch in time saves nine,” just like Grandma used to say. When considering your air conditioner, be proactive and get your system serviced and maintained on a regular basis. Most warranties require you to service your equipment at least once a year.

At Airco Heating and Cooling Ltd., if you are looking for an air conditioning system in White Rock or other areas of the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland that is more energy efficient and comfortable for your home, we will recommend and install the right equipment for the job. Our estimates are detailed and complete. We write down everything we plan to do and install because you deserve to know what you are getting for your money.

Serving the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley Communities of BC, including:

  • Surrey
  • Langley
  • Delta
  • White Rock
  • Cloverdale
  • Abbotsford
  • Maple Ridge
  • Pitt Meadows

You can trust that Airco Heating and Cooling Ltd. provides the best in detailed and thoughtful air conditioning service and repair work to all members of our communities. Contact us today!  Or Call 604-882-9224

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