Terry Tummon Memorial Scholarship

Terry Tummon Memorial Scholarship for Mechanical Trades

Terry Tummon Memorial ScholarshipWe’re very pleased to announce the establishment of the Terry Tummon Memorial Scholarship sponsored by Airco Heating and Cooling Ltd, for high school graduating students in the Fraser Valley who are planning to go into the mechanical trades. It’s a scholarship directed to those with financial need who have demonstrated a commitment and aptitude for our industry.

Terry was the founder of this company and the patriarch of our family. He was a generous and courageous man who had a major impact on so many people over the years. His service approach established our guiding principals of quality, honesty and customer assistance.

He was a man who loved to know the ins and outs of everything he did because he believed in doing things well. He bought Mac computers before Apple was cool. He fell in love with Toyota’s when quality was a foreign word. Lunch with Terry was an exercise in specific patience, because he liked things done just right!  If you worked for Terry, you could count on him finding some small detail which could probably be improved. But he told you in a patient and loving way, only wanting you to be excited about getting better.  He loved teaching and guiding others, so I hope the small recognition of this love will continue to help others.

We all miss him everyday.  We are very proud to do this in his memory and give back to the community and the profession to which he devoted his life.