Renewed focus on reliable service. Same commitment to quality.

Renewed focus on reliable service. Same family commitment to quality.

To you, our customer;

It has been almost a year since the passing of our company founder, my uncle Terry, back in March of 2015.  As we reflect on the past year, we are proud to carry on the mantle of our family business.  While it has been a difficult journey moving forward in spite of our family’s loss, we are extremely proud of what we have accomplished.  I think he would have agreed.

We have renewed our focus on reliable service by improving our communication and administration tools, to help us become better at meeting our promises and your expectations.  For example, we now use a digital scheduler with appointment reminders for you and our technicians.  This also give us the ability to quickly access your equipment and service history.

We’ve updated our image and renewed our relationships with our customers, our suppliers and our community to ensure we become better at meeting our expectations of ourselves.  We have invested in training and quality control to help us stay at the top of the game.  And it’s paying off with happy customers and happy referrals!

Airco Adopt a Street Volunteering

We sponsored the adoption of a street for cleanup to demonstrate our commitment to our community.  We were nominated for the Service Excellence Award and the Small Business of the Year Award with the Langley Chambers of Commerce.  We are getting great feedback and positive reviews from customers all over our trading area.  We recently added new brands to our equipment lineups.

Terry was a mentor to many and a man who gave more of himself than most.  He was known as a dedicated and knowledgeable tradesperson with a keen eye for detail and quality.  His desire for service did sometimes create challenges in meeting his promises, as some of our customers have shared with a laugh and a wink.  “Yes, it took him a while to show up sometimes, but once he was here, he wouldn’t give up until he solved the problem!”

Terry Tummon Memorial Scholarship

I think he would be proud of what we’ve accomplished in spite of the difficult transition and tremendous sense of loss.  But we do it with the overall desire to provide you with better service based on family values and quality service.  It really is all about “Our Family Helping Your Family Since 1970”.

We appreciate you, our customers and we look forward to serving you for many more years to come.


Kindest Regards,

Our Family

Our Family

(To my fellow Canuck Fans, please excuse the Jets wear – it was Christmas in Winterpeg!)

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