Carrier Heat Exchanger Repairs

Failed Carrier Heat Exchanger?

carrier-logoFailed Carrier Heat Exchanger?  As an authorized Carrier Dealership, we are experts at repairing and replacing Carrier parts, particularly Carrier heat exchangers.  If you have experienced an issue with either your primary heat exchanger or secondary heat exchanger, you should talk to us.  It can be frustrating to learn the system you put faith in has failed, but we are here to help and provide you with your best options.

Heat exchangers can fail for a variety of reasons, including poor installation, lack of service, or manufacturing/design failure.  Sometimes a combination of these situations can cause the failure to show up for unexpected reasons.   In the early days of high-efficiency furnaces, some companies did not know the proper techniques to ensure normal condensation is drained properly.  Others did not size the exhaust venting correctly, either by ignorance or through incorrect installation instructions from manufacturers.  These manufacturers may not admit their mistakes, but in some cases they have settled class action lawsuits in various jurisdictions.  The information can be found with a quick google search of course, but it doesn’t make it easier to solve the problem.

Even the best equipment can fail and you need to know how to navigate the complicated choices.  We can explain and simplify those choices, making it easier to understand and help you get the heat back on!

Carrier has warranty programs and upgrade options that are available only to Carrier dealers like us and you want to trust you are dealing with a reputable company who has the experience needed to do the job right.

Some of our customers have chosen to replace their furnaces, particularly when the benefits of new technology are available or when they just want peace of mind.  Others have decided to repair the problem under warranty.

What really matters to us is that the decision made is safe and sound.  We’ve been here since 1970 and we plan to be around for years to come!  Our Family Helping Your Family.  It not just our motto, it’s our purpose.

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Gas Furnace models affected include:


340A, 340M, 345M, 350A, 350M, 351D, 352A, 352M, 355A, 355B, 355C, 355M


58MCA, 58MCB, 58MXA, 58MXB, 58MSA, 58UVB, 58MVP, 58MVB, 58MVC, 58MTA, 58MTB

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