BC Hydro Rebate on Ductless Mini-Split

How can you save up to 50% on your heating bill* and enjoy Air Conditioning in the summer?

If your home uses electric baseboard heat, Fujitsu ductless mini-split systems can be a much better alternative.  When using a variable speed DC inverter compressor, you can achieve extraordinary energy efficiencies when heating and gain the ability to cool your space on those hot summer days.

BC Hydro has a rebate for $800 off select ductless mini-split air-source heat pumps.  There are some requirements including:

  • Home must be heated by electricity only
  • Must be installed by a licensed contractor
  • Equipment must meet SEER of 15 or higher and HSPF of 8.5 or higher
  • Your contractor must supply you with an AHRI certificate and detailed invoice

For more information on the rebate, contact BC Hydro here or reach out to us anytime by calling 604-882-9224 or connecting via this form.

Should you get a ductless mini split system heat pump / AC?

What is a heat pump?

A heat pump is powered by electricity and uses an efficient form of heating and cooling, by moving heat from one place to another.  So, by using the heat absorbing properties of refrigeration, heat pumps take relative heat energy from outside and move it indoors where you need it in the winter.  In the summer, heat is removed from the indoor space and moved outside where it belongs.

Typical Single Unit Ductless Mini-split system

While there are different types of heat pump systems, such as an air-source heat pump or ground-source geothermal systems, we specialize in the retrofitting of air-source heat pumps.  These can be added to a forced-air furnace, but can also come in the form of a ductless system.  Now homes without duct systems can enjoy the benefits of efficient heating and cooling without an invasive retrofit.

See more about heat pumps here.

Click here for more about Fujitsu systems.

*Actual results vary depending on your home, usage and the equipment you choose, but the saving of up to 50% of your electric heating costs can be common when compared to baseboard heating.  Using your heat pump for cooling purposes can increase your electricity use.

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