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York Condensate Drain Pan Issue

York Condensate Drain Pan Issue

Do you have a York Furnace in your home?



Although York manufactures an excellent product, we have been notified of a flaw in some of their early high efficient systems, where they used a clear condensate drain pan to assist technicians in assessing the operating condition of the unit.  Using this clear plastic has created the potential for cracks and leaks, leading to corrosive condensate to leak out of the drain pan and into the furnace.

Fortunately, York has provided a fix by replacing the drain pan with a unit made from a black crack resistant polymer.  The part and labour for replacement is covered by a special arrangement with the York factory.  Diagnosis and travel time is not covered, but is normally a flat $149 plus taxes.

Gas Furnace models affected include:

All 33″ York High Efficiency Models Prior to 2015 including:



Leaking Condensate Drain Pan (if the pan is clear or yellowed, it needs to be replaced).


Defective Drain pan









New Drain Pan:










Get your system inspected by an authorized York dealer.

We are an authorized York dealer and can provide you with some critical information to allow you to take action to determine if your unit has an issue and how to proceed.

While York does cover the part and replacement labour, you are responsible for the diagnostic fees associated with dispatching our technician and having them confirm any issues.  York also does not cover any recommended service to your system.


We are a Langley based heating and cooling company, registered with the BC Safety Authority and WorkSafe BC. We are an independent authorized York dealer, with factory-trained technicians and licensed gas fitters. We have been in business since 1970 and are members of the BBB and the Langley Chamber of Commerce. With excellent references and a great online reputation, we are a company with very high standards.

Most homeowners are unaware of this issue but should be informed and understand their options. York has been very helpful by ensuring the part and labour is covered regardless of your warranty and service status.

Please call our office at 604-882-9224  use our form here as soon as possible to book a system audit.