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Champion Home Standby GeneratorWHAT IS A HOME STANDBY GENERATOR?

A  Home standby generator gives your home a permanent source of back up power.Once installed, your home standby generator constantly monitors your electrical supply.   In the event of a power outage the generator automatically starts and delivers continuous electrical power to your home. Since it is connected to your LPG or natural gas system it never needs refueling.

No matter how long your power is out, your Home Standby generator is there to keep the lights on, the water hot, and your family safe.  From powering the essentials to running the entire home, our home standby generator series allows you to choose the power you need to safeguard your home and family.

Is a Home Standby Generator right for you?

To start with, they are not an inexpensive investment.  You’ll need to decide if you just need the essentials powered or the whole house.  You’ll need adequate gas supply and an appropriate location for the unit.  There are sound considerations as well as code requirements and permit applications.  And then what about after sales support and maintenance?

Fortunately, we at Airco Heating and Cooling can handle those questions and details, and we can help you determine your best choice.  With so many different units, you shouldn’t leave the decision to a rookie.

We are a certified Champion dealer with access to other brands like Generac, Honeywell, and Cummins among others.

Start here for information on some great Champion products.  http://www.championpowerequipment.com/home-standby/
Costs are higher in Canada and not all products are available here, so let us know if you are interested and we can provide you with a free consultation and quote.

Still need more information?

Here is an article that is US based so costs and codes are different but it has some great information and considerations:



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