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I would like to thank you for your excellent service and support in replacing the gas furnace in our home. You provided the most comprehensive system/home evaluation and were spot on with your recommendations. I would also like to thank you for taking the days before Christmas to install this system that made our home a warm inviting place for all 28 family that attended our Christmas dinner and shared our home. You took the time and care to make certain all was done properly and I strongly recommend AIRCO to all who are seeking a reputable organization for their heating and comfort requirements. Truly your family company has taken care of our family home and I know I can depend on your continued service and support.

John D.

Just had my annual service with William who was most obliging answering all of my questions.
Now Terry is another matter! A couple of years ago at 7pm on a Sat night I saw water running into my hall and second bedroom. Upon opening door I noticed water spraying everywhere but could not see the shut off to water heater as it is hidden behind some pipes. I held 2 cell phones calling everyone I knew for help…alas no one was home. But this time with the water continuing down the hall I noticed Terry’s Airco # on my furnace. I did not expect an answer but within minutes he called me back and walked me through shutting down the hot water tank. He then told me to go and sit down for a few minutes, take a deep breath and then call my insurance company. I was 75 at the time and stressed to the max. I took a few deep breaths while looking up Cdn direct’s #, called them not expecting an answer. They picked up the phone told me they would call me back within 5 min. which they did and a rep along with folks from firstonsite restoration arrived at my door within 40 minutes.

I truly believe that you saved my life Terry! Had you not returned my call my entire house would have been flooded and I would probably have had a heart attack. The one gentleman I was able to contact arrived after the fact and he too could not find the shut off valve. I now have written instructions on my tank…just in case.

Thank you Terry….please accept this bear hug and all the best in the coming years.

Darlene W.

We had Airco heating and Cooling Ltd. put in a new furnace as well as a new water tank. We would highly recommend this company to everyone , there professionalism is second to none. we are totally impressed with the heating system that William  recommended now the hole house is heated more evenly and most of all its quiet. This company stands behind all their work they are timely and a pleasure to deal with.

Jenny G.

Looking for a reputable & knowledgeable contractor to supply and install your new furnace?  Look no further!.. Airco Heating recently diagnosed and offered the options in dealing with our malfunctioned furnace which happened to have had the highest quality rating when it was installed in 2005.
William, the courteous and experienced technician, thoroughly explained the issue, offered several options and we decided to replace the unit.  In the process of removing the old unit and installing the new furnace, my husband and I were very impressed with William’s thoroughness in every aspect of the installation – his conscientious attitude throughout the laborious process, thorough detailing in explaining the issues at hand – sharing the information of how a furnace should function;  sharing the possible causes of this early demise of the heat exchanger , and also informing us to the expectations of the efficiently installed set-up.  In contrast to the former model, the new furnace is providing a noticeably even air flow throughout the two storey house.  In fact, we have had to lower the thermostat a degree and possibly a couple degrees because it is so warm.
What a privilege to deal with a true professional.  William is definitely a valuable asset to his employer as he validates the assertions offered on Airco’s website –  “quality, integrity and honesty!”  We look forward to a continuing relationship in years to come.
Julie L.

Had a furnace breakdown and was afraid I was going to be paying for a new furnace.  After calling around, I found Airco to be the most helpful on the phone.  They made sure I checked the usual problems that I could before charging me to come out.  When it was clear that it wasn’t a typical issue, they dispatched the call right away.  They called when they were on their way and they showed up ready to do the work.  They fully inspected it and found the problem quickly.  It was a simple repair and I had heat again within an hour.  They took the time to show me the benefits of a new furnace, but also explained that the current furnace was safe and working well.  I’m not ready to put in a new furnace yet but I will call them again because they showed some real integrity.

David S.

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